Setting the Strategy of the Muslim Fashion Industry for a Prosperous Indonesia


Jakarta, March 30th, 2016 - Indonesia is a wealthy country well known for its opulence in 3 different areas of resources; its natural, cultural, and creative resources.  Indonesia is filled with qualified human resource especially in the creative and fashion industry. Numerous designers have proven their competence, alongside with other supporting elements of the Indonesian fashion industry well compacts this nation professionally.  What an incredible energy!

One of the rising stars of the fashion industry that brings glory to our country is the Muslim Fashion Industry.  It is not an exaggeration to say that Indonesia is now one of the centers of the Muslim fashion world. A variety of designers that never cease to create different innovation and trends make theIndonesian Muslim fashion industry always fresh and vibrant. Not to mention the support fromother parties like the media, upscale events, government and private industries causes Indonesia to lead, rising above other countries, making it regarded and noticed.

Despite our significance, Indonesia should not too quickly get overboard, since there are still things needing to be addressed and developed in order to create significant income enabling Indonesia’s global economy to rise up, creating a prosperous country.

With the united hearts of many, we are here to prove our commitment by taking the first step as members of Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) and Hijabers Mom Community (HMC), with support from the government and stakeholders creating a stepping stone through an upcoming event called Muslim Fashion Festival Indonesia (MUFFEST INDONESIA),leading Indonesia to become the center of Muslim fashion.

Establishing the economic/creative Muslim fashion as a locomotive to achieve the prosperity of Indonesia.

Realizing that in order to achieve it, we must synergize to create an effective collaboration by setting up industries, intensifying strategies and creating upscaleMuslim fashion events.

MUFFEST INDONESIA will be held in Plaza Tenggara& Selatan Senayan- Jakarta, on 25-29 May 2016, as an instrument to showcase the diversity and strengths of Indonesia’s Muslim Fashion.

MUFFEST INDONESIA will present a Muslim Trend Fashion Show 2017, 30 slots of Fashion Shows, Seminars, Workshops, and Exhibitions by more than 400 brands and label garments of the Muslim Fashion Industry. More than 200 prestigious Muslim designers will participate in this event, such as; IrnaMutiara, Monika Jufry, NajuaYanti, HannieHananto, NuniekMawardi , Dian Pelangi, Ria Miranda, Zaskia Adya Mecca, Nur Zahra, and many more.

Furthermore, MUFFEST INDONESIA will inviteestablished local and international brands to exhibit their recentIdulFitricollection in the launching of this event. MUFFEST INDONESIA will associate with Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) to promote the work of Muslim internationaldesigners. IFDC has a global network of Muslim fashion through its office chapter in numerous countries including Turkey, South Africa, Russia, Italia, United Kingdom, the Middle East and America. FrankaSoeria, the International Director and Head of IFDC Turkey, active in the global Muslim fashion industry is also one of the members of IFC.

MUFFEST INDONESIA is wholly supported by WARDAH cosmetic as our official makeup & hairdo. Wardah is a cosmetic brand utilizing safe and lawful resources created specifically for the comfort and beauty of Indonesian women. With the largest distribution brand in Indonesia, Wardahconsistently gives its contribution in the development of Indonesia’s Muslim Fashion in order to deliver Indonesia’s local designers to the international and global market. Another participant of this event is Elhijab that will promote its campaign, Hijab for the world which will soon be internationally known by its debut for the fashion show that will be held in Potterfiled Park, London in the event INDONESIAN WEEKEND on May 28, 2016.

Through MUFFEST, effective collaboration between government agencies is expected. Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (Bekraf) serves to reinforce the strategies in making Indonesia the center of the Muslim Fashion Industry through trend forecasting, also as an industry that contributes in developing the quality of the creative economy industry, whilethe ministry of industry (Kementerian Perindustrian) plays a role in empowering Indonesia’s fashion industry by constructing Indonesia’s own standard of clothing size, and by preparing a long lasting and go-green system in the fashion commerce. Simultaneously, the Ministry of Cooperative and Small-Medium Enterprises (Kementerian Koperasi dan Usaha Kecil danMenengah) focuses on empowering the community and assemblies of creative work through cooperatives and through capital reinforcement programs. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Trade (KementerianPerdagangan) commits to elevate and promote Indonesian Muslim fashion products in order to be exported and become a world attention. Additionally, the Ministry of Trade also attempts active and prevalent distribution mobilizing the public to appreciate local products as equal as international products. On the other hand, the Ministry of Tourism (Kementerian Pariwisata) drives to activate Indonesian campaign in making Indonesia as an inspiration and destination center of the global shopping tourism, as part of the Wonderful Indonesia campaign.

Through effective collaboration, it is certain that Indonesian Muslim Fashion will be able to reach its best form. It is time that we move forward, positioning ourselves to achieve the dream and bring glory to the name of our country. Truly, this is a fashion event with a mission!